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Design Philosophy

Garden Concepts designs
outdoor spaces with sensitivity and intelligence. A beautiful garden is more than a collection of plants.

It is a symphony of color, texture, and fragrance.
Its four movements, or seasons, vary the
tempo and intonation to produce year-round harmony.

At Garden Concepts, we believe mankind can improve
the beauty of nature in only one way--
by scientifically selecting and artistically arranging
what nature provides.

Professional landscape design is the subtle magic touch that
brings out the best in nature. A well-designed garden
possesses grace and dignity regardless of the season.

At Garden Concepts, first, we listen: Your wishes are primary.

Second, we study the assets, demands, and
limitations of your property.

Third, we perform. We interpret and translate, and then compose
a cohesive plan. This blueprint which includes such landscape features as decks, walkways, walls, driveways, fountains, fences, gates, trellises, pools, patios, and statuary, as well as plant materials is the guideline for all that goes into the garden.