How We Work

Working with a Landscape Design firm is not something most people do every day. In fact, not all Landscape Designers operate the same way. Our goal is to make it as easy on you as possible

First Step

Usually the first contact is a phone conversation. Just as you need to be comfortable with us, we also are looking for the right "fit." We recognize that we are not the right choice for many people, just as every landscape project is not "up our alley." On the phone we will discuss the basics of the project, timing and potential costs. If everything looks like we have a "fit," we will schedule our first meeting. We can meet either at your home, the site, if it is different, or in our Glenview offices.

First Meeting

Our first meeting is a "get acquainted" meeting. Once we get a feel for the site and the scope of the project, we will put together a Design Contract. Design fees can vary tremendously depending on how involved the project is. The time and effort put into developing a design specifically for you is time well-spent to make sure your design is unique and well-suited to you and your needs. As with any significant investment in your home, planning is critical for success.


Regardless of whether the budget is $5000 or $2 million, budget is always an issue. Just as there is no standard price for a house or a car, the cost of a new landscape can vary tremendously. Since this is such an important topic, you can rest assured that we will discuss it early on in the process.

The Plan

The first drawings you see is typically a Concept Plan. The Concept Plan is an overall view of what it could look like. It is to scale, and professionally drawn to indicate usage areas, including driveways, sidewalks, patios, lawn areas, planting, etc. Some items, including plants, possible paving materials and the like are labeled, but the specifics are intentionally vague. The idea is to get you to look at the overall "big picture," rather than ask, "What is that plant?" The Concept Plan is accompanied by a Budget Study, which will give you an idea of potential costs.

The Next Step

Once we work out any modifications to the Concept Plan, we will put together a proposal for installation of the entire project, or for whatever phase or portion of it will be done at this time. Often this process is streamlined with a Pre-Contract Agreement, which is better explained in person.